"Wise men talk because they have something to say. Fools talk because they have to say something." -Plato

2:1 Link Exchange

Place a permanent link to my blog on your blog or website and post a reprint of a article from my blog with a link to the original article and I’ll put links on two separate websites to your website. That’s right, two websites. If you’ve already placed a link simply use my contact form to tell me including the address of the link to my blog. Use the subject line “Link Exchange” for the most prompt response.

Why a link exchange?

Links pointing to your website is probably the most important factor in search engine rankings. By placing a link to my blog you will be increasing traffic to my site both through traffic coming directly from your blog and through the increase in search engine traffic. The effects to your blog will be even more beneficial as I will place links from two separate high traffic blogs to your site doubling the impact. Note that no link will be placed to your site on this site as that will diminish the effectiveness of both links.

The Fine Print

Nothing unexpected. Just the usual yada yada. I will not place any links to websites with annoying (spam, etc.) restricted (porn, etc.) or illegal (hate, etc.) content. I also reserve the right to remove links at any time or refuse to post links to any website at my discretion.

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